Artiteq Picture Hanging System

Dispatching Daily with large stocks available of most items.

What you will need to get started:

Rails: Attach hanging rails to click and connects which should be 40cm apart to the top of your walls. Or, if you already have picture rails in your home, you can use simple picture hangers.

Drops: Connect hanging drops to your rail in either nylon (Discreet) or steel that drop down to the correct height –  from 1 meter to 5 meter lengths .

Hooks: Your hooks vary in strength and slide up your nylon or steel drops which fasten to the back of your artwork.

Call us if you need tips or information on installation, or Postage, we love to help.

Selection Tips

Follow our selection tips below, to get advice on selecting components for picture hanging systems. You can use our convenient online ordering system and we’ll ship your components Australia wide, or collect from our store in Perth.

Step 1: Rails or Hangers:

If your house already has picture rails, select from our range of picture Hangers – these simply hook over the top of your existing picture rails. Otherwise select the correct length of your Click Rails (White, Brushed Steel or Primed finish), together with Click & Connect Spacer components that you’ll attach to your wall (no more than 400mm apart). Use End Caps to tidy off the end of rails. You need to measure your rooms to plan the length of hanging rails you will require.

Step 2 – Drops:

These are available in 100cm to 300cm lengths. For ARTITEQ Rails, choose from nylon (perlon) or stainless steel lengths with a Twister at the end (these ‘twist’ into the ARTITEQ rails) – both support up to 15kg paintings. Use stainless steel for larger/heavier paintings. If you are using hooks from your painting rails, select nylon (perlon) drops with loops at the top. You need 1 drop for each painting.

Step 3 – Hooks:

Attach these to the end of your drops to allow you to hang your paintings. Available for 4kg, 5kg, 7kg & 15kg pictures. You need 1 hook for each painting.

Installation Tips