Photo Restoration Service

If you have old photographs that are damaged - cracked, marked, torn or faded - we can restore them.


  • Convert: Your photo or print is converted to digital form.
  • Scanning Services: over 50 IMAGES take 50% OFF
  • Repair: Photoshop is used to expertly repair the image, and you get a digital version of the repaired image to add to your digital photo collection or share.
  • Print & Frame: Your print is optionally enlarged and printed to your preferred size (right up to poster size) on paper or canvas, and delivered rolled or stretched/framed.

Black and white or sepia photographs, as well as slides or negatives can be restored in this way.

When you have a photo that has lost most of it's colour but has been looked after, it may only be a very simple process to fix as the technology has come a long way.

Modifications to the image are possible, based on your instructions. For example, you might ask for a distracting background element to be removed, or to add or remove a person from a group photo.

Advanced photo restoration techniques allows us to return nearly any photo to its former glory, even those damaged by mould, insects, light, fire, pets or children.

Restore and preserve your memories.

It is all about the scan. We need a high res image to do a good job. If you have a high res image, upload here or just bring in your photos for us to give you a quote 7 days a week. A scan is only $4.  After restoration we are able to burn these on a cd for you to keep. Ask about our bulk discount offers.

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