Jersey Framing and Memorabilia Framing

Signed football jumper sitting in a draw? Why not bring it to The Finishing Touch Gallery, so you can start enjoying it.
Whether it be local club or national heroes, great achievements are something to be celebrated.

Jersey framing is a popular way to frame those beloved signed jerseys or from those bygone days from your old Football club.

We supply plaques of all sizes made to order as well as a very friendly and relaxed environment so you can take your time choosing exactly what you want.

Our Jersey Framing can include  three mat boards to compliment your specific team colours, a high quality moulding and a personalised plaque engraving.   Having these three things combined enhances the Jersey making it stand out in the frame. If you are on a budget, we can show you different ways of framing your jersey to suit your budget, without compromising the quality of the finished product.

In the case of signed AFL jumpers, the financial value of this memorabilia is often a key factor in the custom frame design. Expensive football memorabilia needs to be preserved and protected. By preserving a football jersey in a conservation-standard custom frame, the value of the jumper will not be damaged by the framing process.


Sports memorabilia is a popular collectible. In Australia, framed football jumpers (or Jerseys) are among the most popular football memorabilia.

Important information to be aware of when framing valuable memorabilia or jerseys;

Must have a frame that will support the structure of framed articles.

Must be acid free matboards and backing to prevent acid from penetration artwork.

Must be sealed properly, especially jerseys where silver fish can enter and eat away.

Non-destructive stretching of the jersey, that is not stapled on to backing.

When designing the layout, our friendly staff can assist in this process.

Helping choose matboard colours that will enhance the jersey, if photos and plaque to be also included, we can best arrange to enhance overall outcome.

Giving you pleasure for many, many years to come.

You don’t just have to frame jerseys, the list is endless as to what you can frame;



  • Football and sports jumpers.
  • Certificates
  • Wedding compilations
  • Signed cricket bats.
  • War medals.
  • Mementos
  • Grand finals & championships.


You collect the memorabilia. We frame it.