Artwork Restoration

There are two main types of Restoration that may confuse people at times.

Restoration of Original Artworks

Firstly, there is Restoration of original Artworks, canvas torn, dirty, discoloured or paper which has previously been incorrectly framed, mainly due to the era it was done in and lack of knowledge from past decades.

This type of Restoration is time consuming and quite expensive, it requiring lots of man hours to repair. You would take this path if the Artwork is of historical, sentimental or of great value. Every piece is treated with care in a professional manner by The Finishing Touch Gallery.


Various treatments can be done, from surface cleaning and re-varnishing, tears to canvas, to filling in colours missing. The main problem we often see, is that, many paintings were originally painted on low grade quality canvases which unfortunately, deteriorate with age and storage.

Art Conservation

The definition Art Conservation is the preservation and maintenance of Artwork and protection from further damage and deterioration.

This can be achieved by removing backings full of acid, replacing matboards etc.


Art Restoration

This denotes the repair of Artworks that have sustained damage over time , example a tear in the canvas or a watercolour glued to a backing full of acid. The techniques and methods are a specialized field involving extensive labour time.


Digital Restoration

A high resolution scan or studio photograph of Artwork is taken, dependant on size .

The photo/Artwork piece is then digitally photoshopped back to original condition and a new image is then printed. The original stays the same. This process is far more flexible, but can be just as time consuming depending on the amount of damage incurred. An error occurred.</h1><div class=” a watching this video on</a>, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled.</div></div>

If you have old photographs that are damaged – cracked, marked, torn or faded – we can restore them.

  • Convert: Your photo or print is converted to digital form.
  • Repair: Photoshop is used to expertly repair the image, and you get a digital version of the repaired image to add to your digital photo collection or share.
  • Print & Frame: Your print is optionally enlarged and printed to your preferred size (right up to poster size) on paper or canvas, and delivered rolled or stretched/framed.

Black and white or sepia photographs, as well as slides or negatives can be restored in this way.

Modifications to the image are possible, based on your instructions. For example, you might ask for a distracting background element to be removed, or to add or remove a person from a group photo.

Advanced photo restoration techniques allows us to return nearly any photo to its former glory, even those damaged by mould, insects, light, fire, pets or children.



Below are some examples of digital restoration. As you can see the transition is quite amazing from when we received the image to the end result.